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Post by Sophie on Mon Jul 07, 2008 9:10 pm

Welcome to Sophie's Zoo Design!
Please read the rules below before posting; that way we'll keep it a family-friendly forum!

Posting Rules

Double Posting: When posting, please refrain from double posting. Double posting is the act of adding a reply to a topic when you were the last one to post. Rather than this, there is an edit button so you can change your post. Double Posting is allowed after 2 days have passed and no one has responded. It is not double posting when adding multiple pictures to a thread or posting important updates.

Appropriate Posts: Members are expected to be supportive and helpful to each other. Flaming will not be accepeted. Flaming is the act of saying hateful words towards members or staff. Examples would be racist comments, sexual comments, and comments on what a person believes. Also, before you post ask yourself if it is appropriate for younger members. Zoo Tycoon is a game which is also played by kids, so we will not tolerate inappropriate posts for them. This is a family friendly forum!

Spamming: Spamming is posting pointless posts, double posting, or posting one-word posts. This is often to get your post count up and it is not allowed here. Before you post, ask yourself if what you are posting will be beneficial to the topic. Please make sure your post will add useful information to the topic as well before posting. Also, posting in old topics just for the sake of posting is considered spamming (otherwise known as bumping).

Site Ads: Here at the forum we don't tolerate any ads in posts. You may also not PM members asking them to join. You are allowed to have an ad in your signature as long as it's not too big.

Signatures and Avatars

Avatars: Avatars must be appropriate for all ages. You may not use an animation as your avatar. Other than that, have fun with it!

Signatures: Signatures may be no longer than 4 lines of normal text. You also are permitted to have a signature image (not an animation) as long as total, your signature is still 4 or less lines.

Accounts: If you visit the forum a lot, you may choose to create your own account. You are only allowed 1 account. Multiple accounts are NOT allowed. Having an account also means that you will receive the newsletter!

Most importantly enjoy your time here at Sophie's Zoo Design! If you have any further questions, please PM Sophie! Wink

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